Technique Intensive Lindy Hop Workshop

Master your technique in the style of Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg with our Technique Intensive workshop. We’ll break down individual steps and rhythms and give you the tools to put them back together in any sequence you can imagine.


Saturday, Feb 15

12:00 PM–2:00 PM—Workshop

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Int/Adv dancers should be competent at transitioning between Charleston & Lindy Hop, 6- & 8-count rhythms, and should know moves like the Minne Dip, Texas Tommy, switches, and double turns. Dancers should also be comfortable dancing at tempos of 140-160 bpm.

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Melissa Rutherfoord

Melissa (She/Her) discovered swing dancing in 1997 while living in Arizona. She quickly became enamored with the music, high-energy footwork, and community of dancers. She ended taking hiatus due to school and work, but finally came back in 2010 when she found the Chicago Lindy Hop community. Since then, she has taught locally in Chicago and has traveled both nationally and internationally for workshops. She is always looking to improve, and is always happy to introduce people to the dance she feels so passionately about. She is also one of the founding members of Traffic Jam!

John Holmstrom

John discovered swing dancing in Chicago back in 2005; it was love at first step. He's since become an integral leader in the Chicago Lindy Hop community by teaching, DJing, choreographing and coaching, and founding Traffic Jam Swing. John has taught and competed at events around the country. He continues to work on his dancing so he can share his inspiration with you.