Our re-opening plan is in motion! Note: Vaccines will be required to attend all TJ events.

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Chicago's Nonprofit Supporting Swing, Lindy Hop, and Jazz Era Dances.

Traffic Jam! Sessions

Come shake off the rust and dance with us! We'll ensure a fully vaccinated environment and provide music and instructors to help you remember how to dance again!

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Traffic Jam! Sessions

Opening Soon!

Traffic Jam! Dances

Our monthly Traffic Jam! Swing & Soul Dance has been going strong for 3 years, and we always offer a drop-in beginner lesson before the dance! All dances are held at Forteza Fitness.

Dances returning soon!

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Traffic Jam! Dances

What is
Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop, the most famous swing dance, is an African-American jazz dance born in Harlem, New York City in 1928. It is primarily a partnered social dance, but includes elements of solo dancing, performances and competition.

Lindy Hop evolved from existing swing dances including Charleston, Breakaway, tap and jazz and innovated captivating air steps. Lindy Hop soon began being featured in shows at the famous Cotton Club, world wide tours, and films like A Day at the Races and Hellzapoppin’.

Our Mission

Let’s get dancing!

Did someone say Dancing? Partnered dancing with other people?! The Traffic Jam! Team is so excited to let you know that we are officially planning our soft re-opening! We’ve missed everything about the Chicago Lindy Hop community, especially you!

Safety First

Providing a safe environment for everyone aching to triple-step is top of mind for us. After serious conversations and extensive research, We have unanimously come to the decision that Traffic Jam! events and classes will require proof of vaccination at this time. Is this ideal? No. Was this an easy decision to come to? No. For our team, after consultation with medical and public health experts, this is the best option to get as many dancers back on the dance floor as possible, safely. Our vaccine policy is below:

Vaccine-Only Policy

All Traffic Jam! participants will be required to register in advance for classes and practice sessions, provide contact information for exposure tracking, provide vaccination information, agree to a COVID-19-related code of conduct, and consent to having their information confidentially stored, and verified if needed.

At the current time, all Traffic Jam! events will be open only for people who are fully-vaccinated (submit your vaccination details in advance) against COVID-19. The CDC recommendations for unvaccinated persons requires masks and six-foot distancing indoors; something that is not possible in partnered Lindy Hop events and classes. We hope that all of you who are able will get vaccinated as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Please visit the CDC website for more guidelines about gatherings and vaccine recommendations.

Submit Your Vaccination Information

As stated above, all attendees of any Traffic Jam! event must pre-register and submit in advance their vaccination details. We've created a private Airtable database (read more about Airtable security) to store this data for our internal use only. If you opt-in, we can optionally share that information with the other Chicago Swing/Blues organizations who may also require verification of your vaccination status. No vaccination information will be shared outside of our organization unless you have chosen to allow us to share it with other local Swing/Blues organizations.

To submit your vaccination status, please fill out our form.

—The TJ! Team